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condescension in leftism

This data is from Patrick Ruffini's - Republican Party pollster - analysis of the AP Vote Cast data (

Beyond whether or not this data is legitimate or not, my initial thoughts were almost prideful, as if this proves that Republicans are just not as smart. But over the past couple months I have come to the conclusion that this is hardly a success, and a comment on a much larger theme in politics.

As someone who is just getting into more radical ideas, I was lucky enough to be ushered in by incredibly intelligent people that could listen and communicate with me. I live in Santa Clarita as a middle class white woman with the privilege of being able to afford to go to an institution that will properly educate me. I am lucky. However, in very rural or lower-income areas, many people are not as privileged to this education, and cannot be ushered in to leftist ideals. Shaming someone for falling into the trap of conservatism is incredibly condescending and classist.

Leftist ideals are almost always presented in complex ways with very complex language. While leftism is, in itself, very complex, there is still ways to present information simpler in order to radicalize the majority of the population. The right does an incredible job of presenting their views to young-impressionable children, especially via social media. The "alt-right pipeline" is a recent term being used to describe this process of young children developing conservative ideals due to overexposure online. The right wing advertises for new people in wide-reaching places - Youtube, Instagram memes, Tiktok - in an approachable and understandable way. The left, on the other hand, falls extremely short of this "advertisement." We cannot expect people to want to radicalize themselves if we adopt a superiority complex and play word games.

So no, it is not a good thing that only college students and graduates are left-leaning. Leftism should be available to all. And the overuse of complicated language and concepts solely as a means of condescension not only prevents the radicalization of the right, but is inherently classist.


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