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Implicit Biases

Today I took the implicit bias test through the Harvard website, specifically on race. And the results I got still surprised me, although I am a white woman in a predominantly white area.

This goes back to my previous article on racism in America. Slavery still exists in America, and so does racism. I just recently learned that Rosa Parks died a year after I was born. And I believe it is a common theme for our education systems to purposefully allude to discrimination in America being so long ago, when not only was it within our lifetimes, but also, very prevalent today.

All white people in America are racist. While many people claim they are not outwardly racist, or not actively participating in slavery, the racism occurs in a manner of implicit biases, micro-aggressions, white savior complexes, profiting off the systems designed to continually oppress black people, and so much more. And this is why black people have been saying for so long that being not racist is just not enough, it is crucial to be anti-racist. Look inwards first. I myself need to continue to unlearn my racial biases.

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