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Global brigades

journalist and engineer

Global Brigades is an international student-led movement that strives to implement holistic models around the globe. In our Telebrigade, we engineered a pipeline for water in Cerro De Agua, a region in Jinotega, Nicaragua that lacked infrastructure for water. As a journalist and engineer for this project, I had to gain proficiency in various design programs, such as Sketch Up, EPANET, and Google Earth.


founder and Director

no place like home

No Place Like Home is a video essay project to expose the anti-homelessness of the River Rally. Furthermore, we will leave behind trash cans in the Santa Clara River, separated into recycling and trash for the unhoused to use at their leisure. The recyclables can then be taken to a recycling center to start a circular economy. As director, I must tackle managing the video production and creating a storyline.

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double stitch

founder and designer

Double Stitch is a sustainable clothing line of reworked clothes. 100% of proceeds donated to the Sunrise Movement, a movement of young people fighting to stop climate change and create millions of good-paying jobs in the process through the Green New Deal. As head designer and founder of this project, I was in charge of the design of the clothing, the sewing of these pieces, directing the photoshoot, creating the website, and now, selling the line. 

celsius 232

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founder and journalist

Currently in progress, this website will showcase No Place Like Home, as well as other research papers pertaining to issues that politicians continually sweep under the rug rather than face. An allusion to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Celsius 232 strives to expose the topics those in power would rather burn. As journalist and founder, I write the research papers to showcase the issues that deserve this change rather than be swept aside. 


tactically framed

climate change researcher

Tactically Framed is an escape room project to display the trappings of misinformation from media outlets. Furthermore, the supplementary research website displays unbiased information on various topics to escape this tactical framing. As a researcher for this project, I have delved into, specifically, the tactical framings surrounding climate change. The way big corporations frame climate change prevents progress and must be exposed.

founder and Director

eco and friendly

Eco and Friendly is a student-led organization to promote sustainability in our members and community. We educate our members on environmental issues and enact projects to create change. Having raised over $1000 for the 501(c)3 non-profit, Ocean Conservancy that is actively cleaning plastic from our oceans, we are dedicated to environmental change. As founder and president of this organization, I have dealt in team management and large-scale event organization.