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The problem with liberal feminism

photo from Street Spirit

Liberal - or more recently - "girlboss" feminism is seemingly innocuous. It is founded upon the ideals that feminism is simply women being equal to men, and that the mode for equality stems from supporting women's personal choices. However, this mindset washes away the true intention of feminism, dismantling the patriarchy.

In my own research on feminism, I have discovered this true meaning, buried under pretty offerings of choice feminism. Because this ideology fits perfectly into our capitalist society, refraining from advocating for systemic change, this "feminism" has been largely pushed by the media, another facet of tactical framing. But the true movement addresses the system.

Liberal feminism largely conspires around the comfort of white women. Allowing us to be satisfied in our personal choices disregards that of marginalized groups and also fails to recognize the impact of patriarchal norms on those decisions.

This is the problem with liberal feminism. It ignores the system, the patriarchy, and the voices of intersectional groups. As a feminist, I vow to advocate for the rights of all women.


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